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Upcoming Webinar: The Case for View

August 23, 2017
Register here for this upcoming webinar on Wednesday, August 23. You will learn about the open source Lucidworks View search interface for Fusion and Solr, and how it differs from the anticipated Lucidworks Twigkit product. You'll also learn how you can configure and use View in Fusion or in Solr applications to create powerful search user interfaces.

New Idea Engineering's Jeremy Brown and Miles Kehoe will present the webinar, as well as discuss where View makes sense and where more feature-rich interface tools like the anticipated Lucidworks Twigkit product might be a better fit.

After you register, you will receive a confirmation and the link to the event. You'll also receive a reminder the day before the event.

Is Open Source Search Ready For You?

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Ever since Lucene became an Apache top-level project years back, organizations have asked us if free search was right for them. With commercial platforms costing well over $200KUS just to license, free sounds pretty good. But a successful search project is more than just search; and to be successful, you need to make sure not only whether you are ready for open source search (OSS); you have to verify that open source search is ready for you.

Is Bad Metadata Costing You Money?

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Is bad metadata costing you money? If so, how much will it cost to fix? Despite what some vendors claim, enterprise search platforms rely on good metadata in order to deliver quality results. Yet few organizations have the resources to attack their metadata problems, so findability suffers and users lament "Why don't we use Google?" Search managers know that even the Google Search Appliance, without quality metadata, can't deliver the internet search experience end users know, love, and trust. Yet it's hard to justify the time and effort to improve metadata in hopes of a better search experience.

Secrets Your Enterprise Search Vendor Won't Tell You

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The real secrets to making enterprise search work longterm are often not what you'll hear from the big search vendors directly, or they might even entail steps that the search vendors assume you'll know to take on your own. Miles Kehoe will discuss some of these concepts that apply across all enterprise search platforms, and how you can impliment them in yours.

What enterprise users want from search in 2012

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Knowledge workers and other enterprise search users are often frustrated by their inability to find content on a company intranet. They know that public-facing websites provide pretty good results, and they wonder why they can't have a similar experience with intranet search. In this webinar, Miles Kehoe discusses the things that users expect from Intranet search, and what you can do to provide the experience they want.

Are you paying too much for Enterprise Search?

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Are your users - and management - unhappy with your current enterprise search platform? Is it time to upgrade the platform, or can you solve the problems by fixing your current platform? This series of three videos presents the background you need to take to make the decision, and presents steps you can take to make your existing search better - the same ones you need to do before you jump to a new platform. Along the way we discusses user expectations, open source, and how to make sure you don't pay too much for features your users may not even want.

Exalead Search

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In this video produced by Tier 1 search vendor Exalead, NIE co-founder Miles Kehoe discusses user expectations and the challenges of the embedded search market where device makers and software systems like content management need to provide low-footprint powerful search to enhance the usability of their products.