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Open Source Enterprise Search: Lucene, Solr, Nutch

Open source Enterprise Search engines are unique in how much control a developer has. However, the "packaging" of such projects is usually geared towards programmers, not enterprise clients.

Open source is a good fit for clients who need extreme control over relevancy and functionality, or who need to deeply embed the technology into their own products. However, we do not see it as a generic cost saving tool for busy IT departments due to the increased staffing and project time lines. Read more...

Open source search projects are usually handled by our Advanced Technology Group and have included:

  • Feasibility and performance
  • Using fulltext search to aid in data cleansing
  • Relevancy adjustments, including in-place index editing
  • Custom eCommerce and services portals
  • Advanced text analytics
  • Integration with NIE XPump spider toolkit

Open source projects tend to explore new areas, the cutting edge, "where no search engine has gone before".