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Including legacy support for Verity K2, Ultraseek and Search97

Autonomy continues its industry lead in high end search and compliance technology, in part through acquisitions of several other companies. Current and legacy product lines include:

  • Autonomy IDOL
  • Ultraseek (previously owned by Verity, Inktomi and Infoseek)
  • Verity K2, VDK and Search97
  • Aungate
  • KeyView (document filters, via Verity)
  • Zantaz

Client Challenges Many businesses found themselves Autonomy's customers via M&A, and likely own other engines as well. Key questions include:

  • Which products will Autonomy continue to officially support, and for how long?
  • Which products will Autonomy continue to actively enhance?
  • Should Ultraseek and Verity customers upgrade to the IDOL engine, or consider offerings from other vendors as well?
  • How will Autonomy's pricing and professional services policies compare to what they are used to?
  • What are the logistics involved in moving to a new search platform?

NIE Benefits

  • Vendor Neutral comparisons and roadmapping
  • Deep technical knowledge of multiple search engines
  • Search engine rehabilitation, life extension
  • Search engine conversions, migration
  • Relevancy tuning with K2 and Ultraseek
  • Heavily customized spidering and connectivity
  • Contacts with virtually every search engine vendor
  • NIE principals worked at Verity, including K2, VDK, Agent Server, Search97, Topic Real-Time and AMHS

Helping You

Whether you want to buy a new engine or fix the one you've already got, we can help! In fact, getting a tuneup on your existing search engine can buy you a bit of time while you evaluate your longer terms options and allows for more favorable budgeting timelines.

If you'd like to hear more, please contact us.