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NIE Webinars: Are you paying too much for Enterprise Search?

Part 1: User Expectations

When considering an upgrade or replacement for your existing enterprise search platform, understanding user expectations is critical for a successful deployment. In most cases, users want search that is "just like Google"; but enterprise search is significantly different than the internet, and in many ways more demanding. Ongoing management of the search platform and utilizing the context of the search from a user, content and query point of view can make all the difference between unhappy users and a successful deployment.

Part 2: Vendor Hopping

Companies frustrated with their enterprise search platform often engage in a process we call 'vendor hopping' in the hope that replacing the current platform is the answer to their problems. What vendors should you consider? Will open source Lucene or Solr save you money? The first question is 'have you considered fixing your current implementation?' Beyond a base level of functionality, how a company manages the search platform on an ongoing basis makes all the difference. Why is Google so good? Hint: managing search every day. This video includes ideas on what you can do to fix - or replace - your current enterprise search platform.

Part 3: Pricing and RFIs

Pricing in the enterprise search market varies widely between vendors; and how you define your requirements can often make a huge difference in the price you'll pay. This part of the webinar dives into the parameters that drive pricing, the costs that are often hidden until you prepare for production, and the kinds of questions you need to ask your vendor before you sign the sales contract that are often not part of the RFI or RFQ. We also discuss a great technique when working with internal users to find out what they really want from search.