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Microsoft FAST ESP / Microsoft SharePoint Search Practice

Microsoft's acquisition of industry leader FAST has created both an incredible number of opportunities and questions.

  • When will SharePoint users be able to access FAST's advanced features?
  • How will Microsoft partners get up to speed on FAST ESP?
  • What does this mean for FAST's Linux ESP version?
  • What's to become of FAST's OEM InStream product? And other products?
  • And how will this all affect pricing?

NIE Benefits

There are different levels of help that clients need, both strategic and tactical.

Strategic / Business
  • Vendor Neutral comparisons and roadmapping
  • Best Practices and Roadmapping
  • Deep knowledge of multiple search engines
  • Contacts with virtually every search engine vendor
  • Speak and write about FAST's technology
  • FAST partner since 2004
Tactical/Engineering Help
  • Multi-engine Integration and Federation
  • Search engine rehabilitation, life extension
  • Search engine conversion and migration
  • Relevancy tuning, Taxonomies and Entity Extraction
  • Heavily customized Spidering, pipeline and connectivity

Client Challenges

Businesses of various sizes have different requirements.

High-End Search Challenges
  • Achieving maximum scalability with FAST's flagship product.
  • Architecture, Integration and deployment issues
  • Planning migration paths for FAST FDS, InStream and ProPublish
  • Long term support for Java and Linux.
Enterprise Challenges
  • Sorting out all the Microsoft and FAST search products
  • Engine Selection, Architecture and Deployment
  • Search Engine Security and Federated Search
  • Advanced SharePoint Integration
  • Staffing and Training