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Still using Verity K2? - You Are Not Alone!

Sure there are newer engines on the market. When Autonomy bought Verity it was assumed most K2 customers would upgrade to the IDOL platform, and many have. Autonomy even offers a hybrid version of K2 which includes the IDOL engine underneath.

But many sites are still using good old K2. They have a perpetual license and the system is generally working fine. With tight budgets, some are not so keen to change engines, not only because of license / upgrade fees, but also the time and expense re-implementing a system that is already working!

The good news is that we understand! We're vendor neutral and work with virtually every engine on the market today. We can help you with K2 now, and any of the other engines you currently have. And should you ever decide to upgrade, we could help with that as well.

NIE K2 Advantages:

  • Three of the senior NIE engineers used to work at Verity during the K2 days, in the 1990s and early 2000s.
  • We've helped dozens of clients with system upgrades, relevancy tuning and sticky K2 problems.
  • We have utilities and software libraries that read and write K2 bulk insert files (what we call "bif tweaking")
  • We've got wrappers for command line tools like mkvdk, vspider, rcvdk and rck2
  • We can also wrap rcadmin commands to automate deployment and check the results.
  • Knowledge of system tools including extract, didump and testqp.
  • In depth understanding of VQL (the Verity Query Language)
  • UltraSpider / K2 integration and customization of Ultraseek and patches.py
  • Deep understanding of style files and their options.
  • We've written Topic OTL files (Verity's taxonomy format) from scratch, and even written conversion utilities.
  • We know K2 !!!

If you're still using K2 and need help, give us a call!