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The Search Network is a community of expertise. It was set up in October 2017 by a group of eight search implementation specialists working in Europe and North America. We have known each other for at least a decade and share a common passion for search that delivers business value. We are increasingly concerned by a focus on search technology by vendors that takes no account of business requirements, implementation challenges and the need for a skilled support team. Search is not a product or a project. It requires an on-going commitment to support changing requirements and take advantage of enhancements in technology.

Members of the Network have web site search, enterprise search and search application development expertise with on-premise, hybrid and cloud implementations. We all work as individuals or micro-companies and have no commercial relationships with any search vendor or implementation partner.

Our first project, a joint collaboration of everyone on the team, is a book entitled Search Insights 2018. You can download it for free here as well as on the web sites of the other authors.