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Our Management Team

Miles Kehoe - President

Mr. Kehoe is a founder and president of New Idea Engineering, Inc. He also founded Searchbutton, Inc., the leading ASP for site search and reporting solutions, and served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Prior to NIE and Searchbutton, Mr. Kehoe worked in sales engineering and consulting management for Verity and Fulcrum Technologies,  two of the leaders in enterprise search at the time. Prior to that, he worked at Network Innovations and at Hewlett-Packard. Mr. Kehoe received his Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Tulane University and did graduate work in computer science at Purdue University.

mbk@ideaeng.com / direct 408-446-3460 / cell 408-828-4592


Mark Bennett - Vice President, CTO

Mr. Bennett is a founder of New Idea Engineering, Inc. and was also founded and served as CTO of Searchbutton, Inc. Prior to NIE and Searchbutton, Mr. Bennett served as technical support manager at Verity, Inc., where he was responsible for on-line and Internet support. He pioneered the company's first customer care CD. His experience also includes programming, senior technical support, engineering and database development positions at Access Technology and Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. Mr. Bennett attended Worcester Polytechnic Institute, University of New Hampshire and Northeastern University.

mbennett@ideaeng.com  / direct 408-733-0387 / cell 408-829-6513


Scarlet Sayer - Operations Manager

Ms. Sayer has worked as an office manager, accountant and HR director at various companies in California and Michigan.

She has been with New Idea Engineering since 1996, and also participated in the founding of the NIE spinoff SearchButton.com in 1999.

scarlet@ideaeng.com  / direct 408-216-8017 / fax 408-248-1986