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Search Engine Checkup: Express

Need to Improve Search - Without Spending lots of Money?


There's plenty of industry news about the latest and greatest search engines and how great they are. But chances are your budget is tight, and you probably already have an expensive engine that just doesn't seem to be as good as the demo.

The truth is that many of the popular platforms, even those in Gartner's Magic Quadrant, don't work great 'out of the box'. And even those that worked pretty well at first can degrade over time as new content sources and applications are added. And while it's tempting to consider replacing it with a different platform, there's no guarantee that swapping vendors would magically fix all your problems even if you DID have the budget.

You may need a search checkup.

Our team of search experts has years of experience with all major vendors, and we can probably find a half dozen ways to improve your existing engine. Our priority is to provide our clients with the best information, recommendations, and technology to fit their needs. Our team has real-world experience with the leading Enterprise Search vendors.

What's Typically Included

  • Relevancy assessment
  • Search UI assessment
  • Search workflow assessment
  • User profiling and effectiveness
  • Data coverage checklist
  • Vendor assessment
  • Report of findings
  • Short term recommendations
  • Open Q & A
  • The Express Checkup Engagement

The engagement starts with a statement of work tuned for your primary concerns. Typically the engagement will involve an initial audit of your current system, as well as interviews with 1 or 2 key stakeholders in your organization.

We then perform various tests and assessments with your search engine. We review your system against our checklists of frequent search engine issues.

The engagement typically includes both an interactive presentation of findings and a written engagement report.

Why Companies Choose Us

  • They are dissatisfied with their current search technology
  • They are dissatisfied with their current vendor
  • They need to expand their search capabilities
  • They are planning for Enterprise Search 2.0.
  • They want better business intelligence
  • They have security and regulatory concerns
  • New Idea Engineering provides
  • Vendor-Neutral approach
  • Expert Enterprise search consulting
  • Our highest priority is to provide our clients with the tools and understanding they need to get great search results.

A typical 3-day engagement

Day 1:

  • Meet the team and confirm Priorities
  • Interview identified stakeholders
  • Access to search interface
  • Access or import usage data
  • NIE analysis

Day 2:

  • Review existing search analytics
  • Review existing search interfaces
  • Preliminary search coverage analysis
  • NIE analysis

Day 3:

  • NIE analysis
  • Review preliminary findings with sponsor
  • Prepare presentation
  • Present findings
  • Q & A

Follow up actions:

Quarterly Review and Analysis, available as an as-needed service

Key industries where search has become mission-critical:

  • Financial
  • Legal
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical
  • Manufacturing
  • Energy
  • Professional Services
  • Government Agencies

Given the limited time for the Express engagement, it is critical that the NIE team have timely access to search systems, technical resources and content experts.

The engagement can be done remotely, or onsite with customary travel and lodging.

NIE provides initial guidance and recommendations based on our analysis to your environment. We do not "fix" the problems. More in-depth analysis is available in our full Search Best Practices engagement.

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