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Your Enterprise Search engine should be giving you great results. If it isn't, we can help!

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Enterprise Search has become increasingly mission critical, but many companies are just beginning to understand how much poor search is costing.  New Idea Engineering has specialized in the business of Enterprise Search for more than ten years, and we can unravel the issues that prevent good search technology from delivering great results.

Our team of search experts has worked with companies of all sizes and understands the strengths and limitations of current search technology. We are vendor-neutral, so you don't have to worry about being sold something you don't need. Our only priority is to provide our clients with the best information, recommendations, and technology to fit their needs. Our team has real-world experience with the leading Enterprise Search vendors.

The SBP Engagement

An SBP engagement starts with a statement of work tuned for your needs. Typically the engagement will involve an initial audit of your current technology, as well as interviews with stakeholders in your organization: content owners, IT, marketing and representative search users. SBP engagements include a strong element of transfer of information, ranging from industry and vendor background to Enterprise Search 2.0 capabilities, that offers the promise of significantly better productivity in the future. SBP engagements typically include both an interactive presentation of findings and a written engagement report including strategic and tactical timelines.

Not every SBP engagement will have all of these components -- our services are custom tailored to your needs. For example, a company interested in improving its current technology may not need a thorough analysis of potential vendors, while a company that wants to switch vendors would not typically receive a thorough current technology assessment. Nonetheless, these steps are typical of most SBP engagements.

Why Companies Choose Us

  • They are dissatisfied with their current search technology
  • They are dissatisfied with their current vendor
  • They need to expand their search capabilities
  • They are planning for Enterprise Search 2.0.
  • They want better business intelligence
  • They have security and regulatory concerns
New Idea Engineering provides
Vendor-Neutral, expert
enterprise search consulting.
Our highest priority is providing
our clients with the tools and
understanding they need to get
great search results.

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A typical engagement:

Day 1:
  • Meet the Team
  • Confirm Objectives
  • Interview stakeholders: Management, IT, content owners, end users
  • Document content responsibilities
  • Review security policies
Days 2-7:
  • Continue interviews with key stakeholders
  • Technical review of search installation
  • Review existing search analytics
  • Review existing search interfaces
  • Search index data quality analysis
  • Presentation: Enterprise Search security
  • Presentation: Enterprise Search 2.0 Roadmap
Days 8-9:
  • Review preliminary findings with stakeholders
  • NIE analysis
  • Prepare presentation
  • Review findings and recommendations with sponsor
Day 10: Final presentation to management/team
  • Findings, gap analysis, 30/60/90 day plan
  • Recommend strategic vision
Follow up actions:
Quarterly Review and Analysis, available as an as-needed service  
Key industries where search has
become mission-critical:
Medical and Pharmaceutical
Professional Services
Government Agencies
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As part of our Search Best Practices consulting practice, New Idea Engineering provides whatever assistance may be needed regarding the use of leading search technologies. Let us custom design an SBP program for you.

For more information, please contact our sales team: Email: sales@ideaeng.com
Direct line: +1 (408) 446 - 3460