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  • Search Engine Checkup

    Moat search platforms need to be tuned when they are first installed, but as content grows and changes, they often need additional tuning through the life of the content. Our brief Search Engine Checkup engagement can make your platform work better - often better than ever. Give us a call!
  • SearchTrack™ Analytics

    Managing enterprise search isn't easy. Vendors are focused on features that can make the user experience great, but that often happens at the expense of the search administrator, who never seems to get the tools s/he needs to make search better.

    To improve search platforms relevancy you need to know a few things:

    • What are your top queries?
    • What content are they looking at after a query?
    • Which search terms display no hits at all?
    • What terms need 'Best Bets' to deliver the right content.

    If you don't know these answers - or worse yet, can't discover them in your search management reporting - you have no good way to improve the user search satisfaction. And sadly, very few search platforms include these kinds of tools.

    SearchTrack solves the problem with detailed drill-down reports that enable the search team to make search better. Learn more!

  • Unified Federated Manager

    Companies rarely have a single search index that includes all corporate content. Often these different repositories occur because of M&A activity; corporate reorganization; or simply from 'skunkworks' projects that individual contributors set up that have become valuable.

    Often the easiest solution is search federation - the process of routing a single query to multiple search platforms and returning consolidated results while respecting content security - and while introducing no significant delay in the process.

    Federation isn't an easy problem to solve, but NIE has done it a number of times for companies large and small. Several NIE partners make federation products, and we can help you determine which is the right one for you.
  • XPump™ Content Extraction Toolkit

    Enterprise content never seems to have good metadata, and a number of tools are available for extracting key metadata from content 'on the fly'. NIE has a product known as XPump® which includes the ability to mine content from full text; but there are now a number of tools and products to perform 'entity extraction', 'named entity recognition (NER) and simply metadata creation with prices varying from 'free' to very expensive. Not all are created equal: let us help you identify the best solution for your requirements.