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Integrated Search Analytics & Directed Results

SearchTrack lets you analyze and improve your users' search experience immediately. It works with your existing search engine to provide extensive search analytics and powerful directed results, getting your users to the right documents. State-of-the-art search tracking technology developed by New Idea Engineering captures and analyzes data to help you understand visitors' mindset and pinpoint a searcher's interests.

Know what's on the mind of your users

Search Analytics helps you:

  • Understand users intentions
  • Spot unmet, unfulfilled, and unanswered questions
  • Improve your content
  • Improve navigation
  • Generate a behavior-based taxonomy
  • Adjust your inventory or acquire new content
  • Promote specific answers and links to common inquiries
  • Eliminate the guesswork of outdated, simplistic "click tracking"
Report: Popular Search Trend, week to weekReport: Popular Searches with NO Results

How it works

SearchTrack captures user searches and stores them in a relational database. When the search results are returned, SearchTrack adds any suggestions or best bets you have previously defined for the query into the result list. With SearchTrack's included API, the entire process can also be handled directly from your custom search application or portal.

SearchTrack also includes an extensive reporting module updated in real time as search activity occurs. You can define recommendations directly from search activity reports, which allows you to immediately improve your search result quality without updating documents or reindexing your content. SearchTrack provides analytics and directed results for all of your search engines, so you can use the same powerful and simple interface no matter which technologies are in use at your company. SearchTrack also features multiple security levels, so you allow some users to view reports but not make any changes.

Important Search Analytics Features

  • Database driven - faster than XML-based systems
  • Quick and easy navigation with SearchTrack Speed Bar
  • Different reports for different users
  • Search trends - which searches are hot
  • Most popular searches
  • Searches with no results
  • Most frequent visitors
  • Daily and historical search activity
Diagram: Integration of Search Analytics and Defining New Suggestions

Turn Discoveries into Actions

When you spot a problem, fix it immediately. SearchTrack's reports link directly to the Directed Content Suggestion Interface.

  • Identify top search terms from the reports
  • See current organic results
  • Click a term to define the best document with just a few clicks
  • Quickly enter and check Suggested URLs
  • Easily set presentation and placement options
  • Better results immediately visible
  • After defining a specific suggestion, the system returns to the report.

SearchTrack Technical Details

Supported Operating Systems    Pure Java technology means SearchTrack runs on virtually any OS
  • Windows Service on NT/2000/XP/2003
  • Solaris 8.0 and above
  • Red Hat Linux 5.0 and above
  • FreeBSD 4.x and above
Supported Logging Databases
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
Supported Search Engines
  • Google Search Appliance / Google One Box
  • FAST Search FDS / ESP
  • Autonomy IDOL
  • K2 and Ultraseek
  • Hosted search solutions
  • ...and most other Enterprise Search technologies and database applications
Included Reports
  • Most popular searches and visitors
  • No Results searches
  • Searches by visitor and per day
  • Searches with and without Directed Content
  • Trend reports
  • Custom reports also available
Directed Content Suggestions
  • Webmaster Suggests...
  • Did you mean...?
  • See also...
  • and custom API for your own suggestions

Contact Us

Contact us if you have any questions about SearchTrack or would like to arrange a demonstration. New Idea Engineering also provides whatever assistance may be needed regarding the use of leading search technologies. Let us show you how to get the results your business demands.

For more information, please contact our sales team: Email: sales@ideaeng.com
Toll Free: (866) IDEA - ENG (433 - 2364)
Outside the US: +1 (408) 446 - 3460