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Welcome to the NIE Recruiting Site!

Here at New Idea Engineering, we have worked on enterprise search projects for years for large corporations, small start-ups, and everything in between. We understand search; and we understand the skillset that is critical for success.

Because of our experience with search, we’ve had the opportunity to work with virtually every major search platform, both commercial and open source. We know the critical roles in successful search installations, and we know the skills required to be successful in those roles. We’ve also come to recognize and understand what makes a great search person in each of those roles.

As a result, and with the encouragement of and successes placing top candidates with enterprise search vendors and with end user clients, we’re proud to formally announce a new service: recruiting for enterprise search staff. You can find our current open job positions on our Open Positions page.

Why Use NIE Recruiting?

The value we add to your recruiting process is our commitment to only submit qualified candidates with the experience you need. We interview every candidate as if they were joining our staff here at New Idea Engineering. If a candidate claims to know Solr or SharePoint, our interview will include appropriate screening to insure the experience listed on a candidate’s CV matches actual experience.

For our corporate clients, we start by gathering plans and expectations for the position. We’ll review the job description and requirements; and may suggest additional qualifications, as appropriate. We know how to differentiate an Information Specialist from a Search Developer or a Search Analytics specialist.

For search vendors, we have more than 20 years experience hiring across a variety of roles with a number of enterprise search vendors. We know what separates a great Pre-sales System Engineer from a Consultant, Support Engineer or Developer.

For all of our clients, we know that different platforms require different skills; so the candidates we submit to you will be a great fit for your team – not just someone with ‘search experience’. And because your time is important, you have our word that we will never send you a candidate who we don’t think is qualified for your position. We think you’d rather see one candidate who meets your needs than a dozen who do not.

For candidates, people who really know search, NIE Recruiting is the place to start your search for a new employer. We look at each resume carefully, treat it in confidence, and give you feedback on your resume and discuss opportunities that we think would be great for you.

Next Steps

If you’re looking for search people, including machine learning and NLP:

  • Email:
  • Provide your contact information: name, email, and phone number; and
  • Send a description of the role(s) you need to fill.

We’ll reach out to discuss the positions you need to fill, and can help you identify the roles and requirements and descriptions for your openings. (If you need a mutual NDA prior to kicking off discussions, feel free to send along your Mutual Non-Disclosure form.)

If you’re looking for a new opportunity and have a strong background with enterprise search, machine learning, NLP and/or 'big data':

  • Email:
  • Send a current resume or CV; be sure to include a way to contact you
  • Tell us the ideal role you're looking for
We’ll reach out to you for a call to talk about your background, interests, and skillset.

Currently we are filling `full-time’ positions only.