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Search Overview

New Idea Engineering understands that people responsible for enterprise search come from both the business and the technical side of the organization, and has always supported both of these groups with specific practice areas. For the people who need help building search architecture, developing front-end of back-end code, or handling the bits and bytes of search, our technology practice can help. We have always been vendor-neutral search consulting firm, so we are in a position to provide in-depth technical expertise on just about any commercial or open-source search product on the market. And for those rare platforms we don't support in depth, we partner with the other top-tier independent firms so we can help solve your problem. For years, search platform vendors ignored the needs of the search business owner. When founded and ran SearchButton.com, the first hosted site search, we learned first hand that the business side of running enterprise search is just as important as the platform selection and implementation. In fact, after a base level of functionality, we believe it is the ongoing business management o search that makes the different between average search and really great search.
  • The Business of Search

    A key part of our search business practice focuses on helping large and small organizations evaluate, select, plan, and manage enterprise search. Not all search technologies are a great fit for every environment, so we often start by performing an analysis of your requirements and an audit of your environment and data. Often we can help save an existing search platform by helping companies improve the methodologies; other times we are called in too late, and the decision has been make to replace an existing platform that failed to meet requirements. In either case, we can help you learn what it takes to have a successful enterprise search platform.
  • The Technology of Search

    Often our initial introductions to companies is through the technology side. The CTO, IT Manager, or technical team will call for help. They've hit a wall with search capacity, or users can't find results. In either case, search is just not living up to expectations. And our customers call us first when they have new challenges, because they trust that we know search and can solve their problems quickly and within budget. We're not always the first consulting team brought in to solve problems; but we are nearly always the last firm our clients needs to call.
  • Publications and Resources

    We have worked with search for years, and we speak and write about what we know: enterprise search. Our newsletter addresses all sorts of issues with various search platforms and supporting technologies like taxonomies. We also have a blog and twitter and a Google+ page. We also offer webinars on key issues around enterprise search. You can sign up to be emailed two to three weeks in advance of a webinar; or you can see our recorded webinars here on the site. We promise we won't use your email address except to let you know about upcoming webinars and other events.