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Google has such a tremendous brand name recognition and technical reputation it's no surprise that so many companies are drawn to their gleaming yellow boxes. Customers love the idea of plugging in a box and letting it do its thing!

But extra help is sometimes needed for a few issues that are not entirely "out of the box":

  • Advanced spider configuration & debugging
  • Customizing the results list format XSLT template
  • Gateways and connectors
  • Google OneBox integration
  • Document level Security

We also work with clients to do periodic reviews of user searches, to see how well they're being met. Although it's an appliance, we discourage a total "set it and forget it" attitude; great search requires ongoing adjustments, regardless of the technology.

Google also offers a lower cost Google Mini appliance, their "blue box", and a hosted version for public web content. These solutions are appropriate for some installations, but they do have limitations.