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Welcome to the Summer 2009 Issue of Enterprise Search Newsletter!

Last Updated Aug 2009

Welcome to the Summer 2009 issue of the Enterprise Search Newsletter!

In this Issue:

This summer we have put together some very interesting articles for you to enjoy, whether you are reading it on the beach or in your inside cubicle in Des Moines.

Special Announcement: This month we're inviting you to participate in a survey on how companies organize for search - whether in centers of excellence or in already existing departments. We'd value your input. Take it now!

In the newsletter, We often talk to customers who are confused by vendor claims regarding entity extraction, sentiment analysis, and faceted search. This month, Mark Bennett has put together an excellent in-depth technical overview of the concepts behind these and other technologies in world class enterprise search engines. Understand that these concepts apply in part to just about any search technology you will look at now or in the near future. Do you Need Synthetic Tokens will be valuable to you. And, as Mark, points out, you'll also be equipped to impress everyone you talk to at the next trade  show or management meeting.

We're also delivering the first of what will be many of our Search Best Practices articles which will cover what you need to know about selecting and managing enterprise search technology. This month I take a look at sites that seem to go out of their way to confuse their users by having multiple search boxes on the same page. 

In What's New, learn about SearchDev on Twitter, ESS West and SharePoint 2009 conferences, Lucene and Solr on-line training,  the Carrot^2 clustering engine, and more.  And finally, Dr Search talks about a workaround to a bug we recently discovered in K2 Version 6.5 involving stemming.

Let us know how we're doing in providing you useful content you can use by sending me email at mbk@ideaeng.com, or by picking up the phone and calling me at +1-408-446-3460. See you next time!