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New Idea Engineering, Inc.

We help clients successfully plan and implement search technology.  The founders also speak and write about search technology and industry trends.

In October of 2010, co-founders Mark Bennett and Miles Kehoe announced immediate availability of Professional Microsoft Search from Wrox Press. The book, the first to address the existing FAST ESP product and to address the new SharePoint-based search products from Microsoft, provides useful technical content as well as information business and content owners need to specify and select the right search engine for the job. Buy it from Amazon today.

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Founded in 1996, NIE provides professional services for search roadmap and best practices planning for enterprise and customer facing search, as well as search technology evaluation, integration and coding.  We also provide ongoing search activity reviews to improve relevancy over time.

The founders came from Verity and Fulcrum, and had a long history with both fulltext search and traditional databases.  In 1999 NIE successfully spun off SearchButton.com, one of the first hosted search services in the Internet.

We are vendor neutral and work with all of the leading commercial and open source search engines including FAST Search & Transfer, Autonomy IDOL, the Google Search Appliance, Endeca, Ultraseek as well as Lucene, Solr and Nutch.  In fact, most larger companies actually have multiple engines, including legacy engines like Autonomy/Verity K2, Search 97 and Topic Real Time.  We can help you figure out which engines can be salvaged, what your replacement options might be, and how to integrate and federate the various systems.