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What's New: September 2017

Google extends the life of the Google Search Appliance through 2018

Google has decided to reward our bad behavior again: they have recently announced that they would renew one year licenses for the GSA through the end of 2018. If you’re still counting on the GSA for search, it may be time to get moving! Fortunately, there are dozens of search product companies and seemingly hundreds of consulting firms that are happy to help you out: just ask Google. Or you could Ask Doctor Search for advice. Either way, it’s time to get moving: The average time to select, evaluate, implement and roll-out a new enterprise search platform is at least 6 months!

Lucidworks Expands and Reorganizes its Product Line

At the recent Lucene/Solr Revolution, Lucidworks announced the expansion and reorganization of its product offering. Lucidworks now offers four unique products: The Fusion (Search) Server, a new release of the existing Fusion product; Fusion AI which brings signal based machine learning to the Fusion product line; and the App Kit, Lucid’s first release of the popular multi-platform interface tool; and Fusion Cloud which offers a hosted and managed version of the Fusion product family.

Enterprise search is back - and as popular as ever!

For a few years, it seemed that the only news in enterprise search was companies being acquired by non-search giants and pushed out of the limelight. Just a year ago, my friend and colleague Martin White lamented that the state of enterprise search was enough to make an optimist skeptical. And yet, in the last year or so, an entire new generation of enterprise search products have matured - with products both on-prem and cloud-based – that are rich in features and capabilities. Consider hosted players Algolia and Swiftype; traditional and hosted offerings form the likes of Coveo and Lucidworks; and strong products from Attivio and Elasticsearch, which I think of as ‘Search for IoT’.

It’s going to be a fun time for the next few years – stay tuned!

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