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Welcome to the February 2009 Issue!

Last Updated Apr 2009

Miles Kehoe

Welcome to the first issue of the Enterprise Search Newsletter for 2009!

This month we present our annual overview of the enterprise search market, which includes our enterprise search Industry Grid for 2009 showing the verticals and markets where we see vendors succeeding. We also present a review of SMILA, a hybrid open-source/commercial search framework from Europe, and Dr. Search tackles the fine line between stemming and lemmatization. And of course, What's New column for February 2009.

You’ll notice some changes when you follow links to the articles. We’ve just rolled out our new web site with a new look, but mostly with lots of new content we hope you will find useful.

Start planning to join us in May at the Enterprise Search Summit in New York! Our talk this year is about ways you can extend the life of your current search technology and probably save potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars at a time when doing more with less is on everyone's mind.

Let us know how we're doing in providing you useful content you can use by sending me email at mbk@ideaeng.com, or by picking up the phone and calling me at +1-408-446-3460. See you next time!