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By: Miles Kehoe

Welcome to Volume 7 Issue 1 of the Enterprise Search Newsletter from New Idea Engineering, Inc.

I want to start this edition of the newsletter by announcing a new service New Idea Engineering is offering based on requests from a few search vendors and some companies that need to select, implement, and manage enterprise search: Recruiting great people. If you're looking for full time people for your search team, or know someone with strong search experience looking for a new place to settle in, take a look at our Recruiting page! And if you know someone who knows search and is looking for new opportunities, email us today!

We start this edition with the What's New page, which this month presents a list of valuable upcoming conferences. Any and all will be worth your time if you are actively involved with enterprise search.

This month, our articles start with one that answers a question I rarely hear, but which anyone considering replacing a current search platform should be asking: Do I need a new search platform? This may give you some options, or at least help you confirm that your existing search technology is really the problem!

Our second article is about an implicit agreement between you and your search users. There is a good chance you have never heard of it, but I can guarantee it’s something your users expect. In fact, it’s something even search owners expect when they visit other web sites. I call it the Unspoken User Search Agreement

The final article in this issue is my take on the new Forrester Wave report. It’s well known that analyst firms have built a revenue stream by publishing reports on a wide range of markets including enterprise search. To the best of my knowledge, only one of those firms ever had an analyst who had actually been responsible for implementing enterprise search – but she’s no longer with the firm.

Finally, as you make plans for the Fall, you might plan to join us in November at the Enterprise Search and Discovery 2017 conference in Washington DC this November. It’s one of the top conferences focused on enterprise search, and will feature a number of sessions around search and knowledge management. Our talk this year is about ways you can extend the life of your current search technology and probably save potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars at a time when doing more with less is on everyone's mind.

If you're not a newsletter subscriber, you can sign up here. Let us know how we're doing in providing content you can use. If you have topic suggestions or questions about search, contact me by email or call me at +1-408-446-3460. See you next month!