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What is the difference between Verity's rcvdk and rck2? - Ask Dr. Search

Last Updated Mar 2009

By: Mark Bennett

Ask Dr. Search

This month's question: What is the difference between Verity's rcvdk and rck2?

The rcvdk and rck2 utilities are great tools.

rcvdk is the older tool, and is used to directly open collections. It lets you search collections and browse results to confirm that collections are being built the way you think they are. If you are writing code to programmatically access Verity collections, rcvdk lets you cross-check the results you see with your code so you can insure your code is working right. You run rcvdk from the Verity ~bin directory on the machine where the collections reside.

rck2 lets you access collections, but through the K2 server, broker, and ticket server environment. Once you use rcvdk to insure your collections are correct, you use rck2 to confirm that you can get to the collections using the broker/server architecture; and to confirm that your document security is working properly. While rck2 is also in the Verity ~bin directory, you can use it to access collections anywhere in your network.

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