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Mergers & Acquisitions Map - Who bought who

Like many dynamic industries, enterprise search vendors and companies with related technologies have grown not only by sales but also by acquisition and merger. There was a brief period early in the decade when activity was low; but it's since picked up with an average of one major deal a year since mid-decade.

On this page we'll see if we can keep you current on who is acquiring and who was acquired. If we missed any you know of, let us know!


Interwoven (2/2009)

Optimist (10/2007) [$52M]
Component Insight (1/2004)
Discovery (7/2008)
Scritta (8/2005)
MediaBin (6/2003)

Verity (1/2005) [$500M]

Cardiff (2/2004) [$50M]
Ultraseek (6/2003) [$25M]




Documentum (10/2003) [$1.7B]


FileNet (10/2005) [$1.6B]
iPhrase (11/2005)

To be updated in the future!