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Contents and From the Editor: Volume 1, Issue 1

Last Updated Jan 2009

By: Miles Kehoe

In This Issue:

From the Editor

Miles B. Kehoe, President New Idea Engineering, Inc., Editor of NIE Enterprise Search Newsletter

Welcome to the first edition of Enterprise Search, a newsletter that addressed the technical obstacles that challenge webmasters, engineers, and marketing managers as they implement search technology on the web. Enterprise Search is created by New Idea Engineering, a company that specializes in making search work in both large and small companies for nearly 10 years.

I've provided information on unsubscribing at the end of this newsletter.

In this issue, guest author John Lehman of HighClassify writes about taxonomies and categorization; Mark Bennett of New Idea Engineering writes about how important dates can be as part of your site search technology; and I've written an article on how to access the Verity K2 search technology from the Windows command line using Windows Script Hosting. I've also included a lead-in article about site search, and how positioning your site for public web portals can actually hurt the effectiveness of your own site search.

In future issues, we will discuss technical issues regarding virtually all of the leading enterprise search technologies including Verity K2 and Infoseek; Hummingbird's Fulcrum search; Autonomy; Recommind; Lucene, and a host of others. Our aim is to provide useful technical information that you can use to implement and enhance your site search technology.

This month's issue contains four articles:

I hope you'll find this information useful!

Miles B. Kehoe
New Idea Engineering, Inc.