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Welcome to the Q4 2009 Issue!

Last Updated Dec 2009

By: Miles Kehoe

Happy holidays from all of us at New Idea Engineering!

Wow… 2009 may have come in like a lamb but it’s sure going out like a lion! We’ve all earned more frequent flier miles in the last 6 months than we usually manage to earn in a year, and we’re all ready for the holidays!

We think you’ll find some useful information in this issue. Mark Bennett has written Part 2 of his series “Do you need synthetic tokens?". You’ll find another article in our Search Best Practices series, dealing with the issue of duplicate and near-duplicate content in search results. In What’s New, we look at the 2009 Gartner Magic Quadrant report, some stories indicating that SharePoint is gaining traction, and some cool new announcements from Google and Autonomy.  Dr. Search is out of town, working on a secret project up north involving a global distribution organization that needs his wizardry. The Doctor sends his wishes for a happy holiday, along with a request for synonyms for naughty. Stay tuned: Dr Search will return next month.

Have a great holiday, keep an eye out for our 2010 overview of the search market, and stay in touch – it’s going to be an exciting new year.